Privacy Policy

KNACKFORGE and its direct and indirect subsidiaries (CloudCost), as well as international branch offices (collectively, "KNACKFORGE"), are dedicated to complying with all applicable legal and regulatory data protection and privacy standards where it conducts business. This Privacy Policy ("Policy") establishes the basic standards for KNACKFORGE's collection, processing, and other uses of personal data, including sensitive personal data ("Personal Data"), about individuals such as KNACKFORGE associates, business contacts, customers, or vendors ("Individuals").

Other firm entities under KNACKFORGE's management will be required to follow the principles outlined in this Policy.

Privacy Principles

Personal Data will be handled by KNACKFORGE in compliance with the following principles. Through suitable contractual arrangements, KNACKFORGE will guarantee that its business partners and vendors adhere to the principles of this Policy as well as applicable legal and regulatory compliance standards.

Legality of Processing

KNACKFORGE will collect, store, process, use, transfer, analyze, or otherwise handle (“Process” or “Processing”) Personal Data in accordance with applicable legal requirements for legitimate business or compliance purpose or if individuals have provided consent to the processing. KNACKFORGE will limit the processing of Personal Data in terms of scope and duration, as is necessary for the intended purpose.


Individuals will get information from KNACKFORGE that describes the scope and purpose of processing, as well as who to contact if they have questions about privacy or data protection, in compliance with any legal requirements.

Confidentiality and Security

KNACKFORGE intends to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data by putting in place physical, technological, and organizational safeguards against accidental, unlawful, or unauthorized destruction, loss, modification, disclosure, or access. All data are encrypted and stored with no access to any third party. KNACKFORGE will take steps that are proportionate to the risks posed by the processing it performs and the nature of the Personal Data it collects.

Designing for Privacy

KNACKFORGE applies the Privacy by Design principles to all of its personal data procedures, whether they are carried out through digital systems, technologies, or by hand. Privacy constraints are built into every standard, protocol, and procedure used by KNACKFORGE by default.


When necessary/asked, KNACKFORGE discloses personal data to third parties solely for the purposes specified in the privacy notice, with the individual's consent, or as required for authorized purposes. Public authorities, law enforcement agencies, and other such authorities are referred to as third parties.

Subject Rights to Data

KNACKFORGE will offer individuals with the opportunity to exercise data subject rights that are available to them in the context of their engagement with KNACKFORGE, in accordance with applicable legal requirements. These rights may include the ability to request access to their Personal Data, the ability to correct inaccurate or incomplete Personal Data, and the ability to object to the processing of their Personal Data. Each Data Subject Request is verified and tracked all the way to completion. Other rights, such as the right to be forgotten, the right to withdraw consent, the right to data portability, and so on, may be accessible depending on the applicable law and the data subject's involvement with KNACKFORGE. KNACKFORGE shall ensure compliance and take all necessary steps to assist data subjects in exercising their rights.

Transfers of Data Internationally

KNACKFORGE operates on a global scale, and it may be necessary to transfer Personal Data between countries from time to time. KNACKFORGE understands the importance of treating personal data with care, especially when it is transferred to countries where data protection legislation may be lacking. If KNACKFORGE transfers Personal Data to such countries, the Personal Data will be protected as described in this Policy and in compliance with relevant legislation.

Retention of Data

KNACKFORGE shall follow retention rules and processes to ensure that Personal Data is deleted when a reasonable period of time has passed and the purposes have been fulfilled. If it is necessary to preserve the Personal Data forever for those reasons, or if a law requires the Personal Data to be maintained for a specific period of time, an exception applies. When KNACKFORGE no longer requires Personal Data for the reasons for which it was collected, it will delete it as soon as reasonably possible.

Requirements and Implementation for Jurisdiction-Specific Needs

Additional obligations for the processing of Personal Data may be imposed on KNACKFORGE by national data protection and privacy legislation. KNACKFORGE shall develop procedures and guidelines to support the concepts of this Policy as needed, as well as cooperate with relevant regulatory/supervisory authorities.

Contact and Privacy Organization

KNACKFORGE has established a global Privacy Function that is responsible for reviewing and implementing privacy and data protection regulations. Individual countries or geographies may have their own data protection or privacy functions incorporated. The privacy function is also in charge of implementing privacy training and awareness programs, as well as assisting with the integration of privacy concepts into KNACKFORGE company operations and processes. If you have questions about this Policy, please direct them via the contact us form available at

Reporting Data Breaches

All occurrences affecting Personal Data, whether known or suspected, must be reported as soon as they are discovered. Any KNACKFORGE associate, client, third-party service provider, or other business partner may report an event to KNACKFORGE. KNACKFORGE will educate and raise awareness among its employees about how to report a suspected or verified event. Each incident is examined and followed through to completion.


KNACKFORGE has internal procedures in place to guarantee that this Policy is followed, to allow persons to exercise their rights as outlined in this Policy and under applicable law, and to address any concerns that KNACKFORGE may not have followed the Policy and/or applicable law.

Policy Changes

KNACKFORGE reserves the right to alter this Policy at any time and without notification to people to reflect changes in the law or privacy practices. Please use the "CONTACT US" form on if you have any issues with our Policy.