Does your AWS bill keep rising?

CloudClost by KnackForge brings new insights and transparency into your AWS spending, simple-to-understand dashboards, and in-depth reports, all in a single robust cloud management platform for free.

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Cloud cost

Why CloudCost

Cloudcost optimization gives you clear visibility over your cloud bill to stop surprise AWS bills.


Insight from a simplified dashboard

Get quick insights with Cloudcost breakdown by date, tags, and more. We bring clarity to your cloud spending. CloudCost is a free tool providing simplified out-of-the-box graphical, tabular and easy-to-understand reports.


Total Visibility on Saving Opportunities

With an easy-to-use UI, you can view the savings opportunities in AWS with analytics and resource purchasing recommendations. You can instantly identify personalized savings opportunities such as idle, underutilized, and unused resources.


Easy to Understand Categories

Easy to understand categories such as Compute, Storage, Database & Cache, DevOps & Analytics, and Network & Data Transfers, which can even be understood by non-technical users


Accurate Recommendations

CloudCost can help you improve resource utilization and realize cost savings with tailored recommendations.

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Gain total visibility into your cloud environment to effectively manage costs and resource usage. Get our quick recommendations at your fingertips, all in the Free Tier!


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